Welcome to “Colorless Noise”

Greetings, I’m John Gruca, the heart and soul behind “Colorless Noise.” My life’s journey, marked by personal encounters with mental and physical health challenges, has led me to create this platform. While I’m not a mental health professional, my aim is to share my experiences in hopes of resonating with, comforting, or uplifting others.

What You’ll Find Here:


      • The Power of Words: As a passionate writer, I use words to articulate my journey, hoping to connect with and impact others through my reflections and narratives.

      • Musical Inspirations: My posts often draw from my profound love for music, showcasing how it influences and enriches our lives.

      • Artistic Expressions: Art is a significant part of my life’s narrative. On this site, I share various artworks that encapsulate my creative vision.

    “Colorless Noise” is more than just a blog; it’s a collection of my personal reflections, artistic endeavors, and musings. Each entry is a unique facet of my life, presented with the hope of offering a different perspective or a moment of reflection for anyone who visits.

    Thank you for visiting “Colorless Noise.” Your engagement with my work is deeply meaningful to me. As we each navigate our own paths, embracing life’s complexities, I hope to share the joy and wisdom I find in each step of my journey.