Hello, everyone! I’m happy to share these beautiful wallpapers in 9:16 format and 4K, available to download via the Google Drive link below. My designs focus on minimalist nature themes like sunrises, sunsets, mountains, lakes, forests, flowers, and animals.

Running this gallery is a big step for me, and I’m learning a lot along the way. Creating these wallpapers involves costs like website hosting, storage, and tools, not to mention my time. Each design is crafted with care. If you enjoy my design style of these wallpapers and they brighten your day, please consider a small donation to help keep the gallery free and support future designs, including potential desktop ratio versions.

[Donate Here] – Your support is invaluable and helps keep these wallpapers available for everyone.

Don’t forget to visit my mental health awareness shop, Colorless Noise, where you can find a variety of products on sale. Take a look!

Please use the wallpapers for personal use only. Thank you for your understanding and support on this creative journey and being part of my growth! 🌈

To download high-resolution files, click here: ==> Google Drive link <==

Note: The gallery shows low-resolution for quick viewing and is only a small selection. Switch to grid view in Google Drive for a better look.

Butterfly Inspired

Flower Inspired

Beach Inspired

Mountain Inspired

Female Inspired

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